Did someone say “helpful ads”? Most haven’t heard the expression, but know “irritating ads”. Helpful and ads are two words not easy to combine, but if you’re marketing a brand, results can be positive or negative — in non-obvious ways.

To be innovative in advertising and understanding how to be most “helpful” for an audience, it helps to know history. I’ve compiled a list of 5 notable books, describing the history of advertising in engaging ways. These books have given me an understanding of pitfalls, success stories and audience psychology (in no set order).

  1. Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads

2. Thinking in Systems: A Primer

The growth of social media’s effect on other marketing channels

Image by @robin_rednine on Unsplash

One of the main challenges for consumer-focused young internet brands is to find ways to convert their audience into paying customers. For these businesses, one of the most significant trends in recent years is the increasing use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to spread their word…

Gustaf Lundberg Toresson

Investor, digital marketer and entrepreneur

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